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this is me reviving a dead community and invading your friends page.

so this dog walks into a bank. and he goes up to the teller and looks her name tag. patty. he says "hello patty, i'd like a loan please."
patty looks at him for a while. "um...i'm sorry...we don't give loans to dogs."
the dog looks back at her and says "what do you mean? just give me a loan, please."
patty goes "i can't. you're a DOG."
the dog sighs and pulls a little glass elephant from his pocket. "give this to your manager please, patty."
so patty does. the manager accompanies her back to the counter and says it's fine to give him a loan. patty asks what the elephant is.
the manager replies "why, it's a knick-knack, patty-wack. give the dog a loan!"

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